Tank Top Alternatives to Donning A Bra

Donning a bra causes shoulder pain!

I am a 67 year old retired Recycling Occupational Therapist with a history of shoulder and back pain due to an old injury.   I am striving to minimize pain by

Swimming is one of my favorite exercises for strengthening and releasing tension..... it also requires getting in and out of a bra so this simple adaptation is important to me!

Changing into and out of a bra requires movement and stress that increases pain. Wearing an undershirt with a small amount of built-in support works for me because I have a small frame. I found the following one to be really easy to put on and off....

Obviously, this top will not work for everyone but I very excited to be both comfortable without resorting to going braless.....

Years ago when my mother developed early symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, I bought cotton undershirts for her that were easy to put on, comfortable and provided some additional warmth under clothing. Now I'm my own OT!

Choosing an Undershirt

In the past I wore activewear that was mostly made of Spandex. It seemed to function like a girdle, fighting the natural forces of gravity. But these were not only itchy, they were very difficult to pull on and off. I'm sure they would not be functional for women with arthritis or any other type of disability that limits mobility.

My new undershirt is 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex. The straps are very comfortable and don't fall off while active. I will have the option of wearing this top in the summertime as part of a workout outfit or under a shirt if Im feeling modest. I like having options.....

Many women will prefer front closure bras that offer greater support, but since I am very happily wearing my new purchase as I type, I thought I would share my happiness...

Full Transparency: No Pun Intended!

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