Low Vision Treatment Strategies

I made the following video decades ago. It explains what low vision is and the role of occupational therapy in adapting the environment to help people be as functional as possible.

Although my own 67 year old eyes are working adequately and I do not qualify for low vision services, I benefit from the following adaptations:

  • Spot lighting on my reading materials, a headlamp to find spices in a cabinet, brighter lighting in closets and extra lighting where I might trip such as a hallway.
  • Large print reading materials either on a tablet or books. I prefer using the tablet because I love the back lighting that enable me to read anywhere regardless of ambient  lighting  and I don't need to bother hubby with a lamp on while reading in bed.
  • I print using a black, fine point sharpie on large calendars, my checkbook register and shopping lists.  I use 2-3 lines instead of squeezing numbers into a single line in the check register.
  • I use a landline phone with large numbers, color contrast and extra loud settings because I have minor hairing loss.
  • I try not to drive at night and I wear yellow Noire glasses when I do. They help cut down on glare.
  • I use a bright color cup for coffee to create color contrast.
  • I hang my large print recipes for easy viewing as shown below. 


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