Standing Balance for Donning/Removing Shoe

Standing balance is an indicator of muscle control, strength and sensory processing. I used to be able to maintain the yoga tree pose for 10 seconds or longer. Now at age 69 years- I can only do the pose by touching a wall intermittently for balance. However, I work on this daily and see consistent improvement. When I was a pediatric occupational therapist tested to see how long children were able to maintain balance with eyes open and then closed as an indication of sensory processing.

According to the following article on healthline:

  • Researchers say the ability to stand on one leg for at least 10 seconds can be an indicator of your overall health.
  • They say a lack of balance can be a sign of underlying health issues.
  • Other indicators such as grip strength and walking speed have also been linked to overall health.

Standing on one leg is a great exercise to improve balance. However, please avoid rugs and hard surfaces that you really do not want to fall onto. Also stand near walls or trees to touch in case you need assistance. I decided to focus on removing slippers while standing as a daily living skill that not only strengthens but also indicates my health status. Putting slipper or shoes on is a greater challenge, at least for me !

Scroll down to see a video that takes balance activities to a new level….

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