Simple Baby High Chair Fine-Motor Activities: Pulling and Pushing

The following Instagram post demonstrates simple fine motor activities that not only entertain…. they teach babies about:

  1. spatial relationships
  2. textures
  3. how to use hands together to manipulation or stabilize materials,
  4. promote visual attention and eye-hand coordination

Pushing on the water mat and pulling on the beads attached to the stretchy cord- both provide proprioceptive sensory stimulation to upper extremity muscles and joints that help babies develop motor planning skills and body awareness.

The following posts demonstrate how I adapted materials to provide sensory stimulation when working with older children or adults with developmental disabilities, motor planning and sensory processing challenges- with a focus on pulling and pushing …..

The individual in the following video loves to pull, roll materials and puts everything in her mouth. So just like in the above baby video- I attached materials to the table so that they do not reach her mouth, creating a choking risk….

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