Messy Play Learning

The following are some cool pretend and messy play activities. “Messy play” involves materials that are gooey, liquidy, mushy or in any other way non-solid. Materials enable children to learn about how textures vary and can be manipulated in fun ways that promote learning.

For example, spread shaving cream or wet sand on a tray. Then using the pointer finger, stick or other tool demonstrate how to form lines and circular shapes. One of my favorite substances known as “ooblik” is made by adding water to cornstarch so that it gets drippy and looks like milk. Lines and shapes in ooblik, magically disappear after they are formed. Add food coloring as desired…..

The following instagram post demonstrates how to make snow out of baking soda and hair conditioner. The texture ends up being chunky enough to use like clay to form a snowman!

When working with younger children or older ones who put objects in their mouths, consider using safe to ingest materials such as pudding, whip cream, yogurt or cornstarch mixed with water. This is also a great way to introduce food items to children who are picky eaters. The following instagram early intervention therapist mom gets quite creative…

Older children who no longer ingest non-edibles may practice forming lines, shapes and designs using paints as they explore textures and a variety of art media….

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