Lazy Eights to Promote Crossing Midline and Forming Letters

“Lazy 8s” are the same as the infinity sign turned on its side. When they are formed super large, the child will naturally cross midline while tracing over the path either in the air or on a large vertical surface.

Start out using one arm, then the other and then both together with eyes focused in the thumb leading the movement. The theory is that repetitions will activate both brain hemispheres and encourage them to work together to enhance learning

1.Bilateral coordination


3.Visual attention

4.Visual tracking

5.Crossing midline


7.Body awareness

The following video demonstrates how the tracing movements translate into forming letters with correct directionality.

In the video below, I demonstrate forming the letters on either the left or right side of the figure eight depending on each individual letters’ directionality.

Start BIG!

Children should begin learning how to form lazy eights and all letters and numbers by tracing super large shapes. Gradually, decrease the size until the circles of the eight touch and fit between lines such as shown below.

Children who have deficits in crossing midline may be challenged to form letters such as X, Z and W that have diagonal lines that cross midline. The following information and activities may be helpful in promoting these skills.

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