How to Make a Handle for Sponge Painting

I love using this jig with individuals who have difficulty grasping thin paint brushes due to weak hands or increased spasticity. This adaptation makes it easier to engage in sponge painting because it enables the user to comfortably use a palmar grasp rather than controlling the sponge with the fingers.  The jig is made entirely out of a plastic detergent or dishwashing soap bottle. I demonstrate how to make this in the video shared below.

Construction Directions

  1. Cut a plastic bottle as shown in the above photo (on the black line).
  2. Next cut on the dotted line on the outer flap to create a "tab" (See A).
  3. Cut 2 slits in the sponge (See B).
  4. Cut a slit in the inner flap. Insert tab through sponge and back into inner flap slit (See C).

Tips to Individualize

  1. Choose the bottle according to the individual's hand size- dish washing detergent bottles are generally smaller than detergent bottle hands.
  2. The artist may work on a tabletop (horizontal plane) or use a bookstand or paper taped to a wall (vertical plane).
  3.  Using a stencil makes it easy for individuals to create recognizable shapes for seasonal activities.




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