Tablet Fidget Tool to Decrease Anxiety


Do you have anxiety that makes you fidget, pick your skin, overeat, smoke or engage in other repetitive, nonfunctional behaviors that you would prefer to decrease or eliminate? I have had anxiety and busy hands for as long as I can remember. As a child I cracked my knuckles or twirled my hair. I have found fidget tools to be helpful and as an occupational therapist I often explore different types to use with my clients. There is a lot of trial and error to see which ones work best with an individual, including me! I often change them up, so what reduces anxiety one week may not be my favorite the next week.

My husband said that the back of my tablet looks like a baby's busy board....and it does! I am not learning cause and effect relationships, but rather providing the sensory stimulation deep pressure and movement my hands seek in order to decrease anxiety. As you will see in the video, I can use this while reading or just lay it on my lap while chatting, listening to music or engaging in other sedentary nonreading activities. I also enjoy keeping my hands busy with arts and crafts, food preparation, carrying weights while running and other types of exercise.

However, reading is my all-time favorite occupation! I hope that this tablet fidget activity helps others who need to keep their hands busy in healthy ways. This may be especially beneficial as we all strive to  cope during a pandemic.

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