What Is Assisted Outpatient Treatment?

Massachusetts is one of only 3 states that does not have the requirement to provide community based mental health treatment for individuals such as my son who refuse medication and treatment. My son will remain sheltered and fed for as long as my husband and I are alive and protecting him. The stress is indescribable….

However, I will not live forever….he is not on the streets, he is not hungry and he is calm as long as we allow him to sleep all day and listen to conspiracy theories podcasts all night…. but this situation will change when my 70 year old husband and myself can no longer compensate for lack of mental health services…

Please contact your state representative or share this post to encourage Massachusetts legislators to join 47 states that understand that some people with mental illness require care – that should not be optional or based on the individual saying that they are fine….Families taking care of these mentally ill loved ones deserve emotional and in some situations financial support, to keep loved ones safe and functioning…. The state services exist only if the mentally ill person is willing to accept them and many do NOT. We have the option of pursuing very expensive and exhausting legal avenues such as guardianship…. But we are tired of doing it all…. Volunteer organizations such as NAMI are also NOT a solution to servicing people, especially with delusional schizophrenia who may think that the health care industry is out to get them and refuse treatment.


The mental health crisis described above in a small farming community will see more of these behavioral health crises unless the state changes the law to allow mentally ill people to be forced to receive treatment… the incident in Dracut was fortunate in that the police were well trained, responded with compassion and no guns were involved…. But that will not always be the case….

How to Prevent Mental Illness ….

Obviously, there is no one solution… However, meeting a child’s social/emotional needs is a very good preventative strategy. The student in the following story has struggled all of her life to cope with her neurologically related disabilities. After finding a school environment that met her learning and social/emotional needs- the school system pulled her out to save money. She ended up being hospitalized…. It is a very sad situation, that state money could have prevented…. Treating mental health needs identified in schools can prevent long term mental health damage resulting in agitation and violence….

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