Ring Stacks with two, three, four or more Holes for Bilateral Coordination

Cat “Rings” with 3 Holes

I love creating ring stack activities with 2 or more dowels in order to add complexity, refine bilateral hand skills, visual perception AND simply because they are different. Many adults with intellectual and Developmental Disabilities have been enjoying ring stacks for years, decades even, so it is nice to vary the numbers of dowels/holes and the shapes involved. For example, the following ring stack has 3 dowels and I cut cat faces with 3 corresponding holes for stacking.

The illustrations are from my book The Recycling Occupational Therapist available on Amazon (for $35.00) OR PAYPAL (for $25.00 with free shipping).

There is no rule that the holes must be round!

Two- dowel Ring Stacks

I began calling this the “bilateral ring stack” because it is very difficult to use with only one hand….. and many clients will try to avoid using their non-preferred hand.

Four dowel ring stacks have also been quite popular….

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