Progressive Eye Glasses and Roller Skating

I was hesitant to order progressive eye glasses. I used to wear contact lenses almost full time but my eyes became irritated so I stopped. My hubby tried progressive lenses and found that he got dizzy. However, I decided to try it out….

$550 later (in addition, Medicare and my secondary insurance paid $200), I discovered that I loved not having to keep track of my reading glasses for using the computer and reading on a tablet. The progressive lenses create an automatic feed back so that I must hold my head erect in order to see clearly while walking. Evidently, this improved my posture and center of balance BECAUSE……

After 1 hour and 15 minutes of roller skating…..

I did not fall, not even once!!!!. I’m wild and fearless on skates and really good at safely landing on my butt and easily getting up. I wear wrist guards to keep my precious upper extremities safe, but have never fallen on my knees, nor seriously hurt myself other than getting a sore butt….

Im 69 years old and do not want to fall but I get sooo focused on my favorite music (Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklyn, Aleisha Keyes and Michael Jackson that I tend to forget about my center of gravity. Skaters need to hold the head up high, looking forward and my new progressive eye glasses have trained me to do just that…..

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