Make Slinky Shapes for Activities

The above activity involves placing a swimming noodle on the handle to a brand new plunger and then adding sensory materials to feel and pull, including the slinky.

I assisted clients to punch holes around the slinky (shown below) , using a heavy duty puncher. Now they can lace thru it. This activity is attached high on the wall to promote visual attention, strengthening and motor planning skills.

Cut the slinky pieces to various sizes to use in insertion tasks. The longer they are, the greater the challenge. The client shown below is inserting them into the pouring opening of the detergent container. I cut an opening on the bottom that enables the pieces to be removed easily.

This video demonstrates clients pulling shapes off of the homemade slinky shapes. Its fun to watch them curl after the shape is removed, adding a visual sensory aspect to this task.

The video below demonstrates making and using the cord for various activities.

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