Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Adults


I'm turning 68 years young this month of March and thought it would be a good time to share photos from a local exercise park along the river in Lowell, Massachusetts. I have used adult exercise equipment around the world, but the ones shown below provide  pretty basic, simple equipment for stretching and strengthening during a walk.  So perhaps, this would not be too expensive to create in other areas.... What do you think?

I am sharing my personal story and nothing I write should be construed as advice, nor even correct. My expertise is in the areas of child development, developmental disabilities and sensory processing disorders. Check out my books!

Going up and down the steps strengthens my knees, but I avoid if I have any pain .

These stretches help my back and knees.

These stretches help my back and knees while strengthening arms.

My back loved these stretches!

These focus on strengthening upper extremities.

and of course, abdominals need attention!

I tried to move slowly while transitioning into and out of positions. Stop if there is any pain. Breathe deeply and slowly..

Try doing some kegals if you have the necessary anatomy during the simpler stretches or simply standing.... https://2019.recyclingot.com/pelvic-floor-tips-for-the-ladies/#.Yiy_83rMJD8

Here are a few other outdoor stretching tips:


and Tips for Hypermobility and Back Pain



I have found swimming to be very helpful in strengthening the muscles that will help my back and knees. However, I really do not enjoy spending time in busy gyms in general. I'd much rather be outdoors, stretching and hopefully climbing mountains again!

A few other health tips for Seniors 





Stretching and Strengthening in Outdoor Environments



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