Suspended Tablet for Better Reading Posture


I have challenges related to back and neck pain caused by years of bad posture, low muscle tone and hypermobility. So I am always looking for new ways to read comfortably, especially during a heatwave. I have a shady spot on my patio surrounded by Ficus trees and a very comfortable seat shown below.

I prefer using a tablet for reading books because I like the lighting and ability to enlarge the print size.  I also love the online  library dictionary available at my fingertips.... Its important to position any reading device or book directly in front of the face to avoid any neck or back strain. So I was delighted to create the following adaptation which incorporates a little bit of nature as I enjoy my favorite pastime (reading) while staying relatively cool during a heatwave.

A while back, I turned my tablet into a fidget tool to keep my fingers busy and anxiety at bay while reading. I used the fidget attachments to stabilize the tablet to a branch. With my hands now free, I am able to reposition my body much more easily and frequently without dealing with positioning the tablet and the strain associated with a fixed posture.

Who can identify the thriller I am reading? I love a good mystery on a hot summer day....

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