How to Make a Bilateral Ring Stack


I call this activity a "bilateral ring stack" because I made it by wedging 2 dowels into a box. Most clients use both hands to stack the "bilateral rings" .... However, the gentleman in the video manages to use only one hand but did use both hands given prompts.

I cut the plastic bilateral rings out of large detergent or cat litter containers. Then I used my heavy duty hole puncher and worked with various clients to lace pictures onto them.

The client in the video seeks deep pressure, propioceptive sensory input and enjoys using force to make the dog toy squeak after placing the bilateral ring shapes. I think that pressing the squeak toy after placing the pieces also turned this into a fun, sequence that was motivating. I enjoyed pressing the toy, myself!

Avoid the squeak toy if you or others deem them age-inappropriate.

Grade by
1. providing fewer or more bilateral ring pieces to stack.
2. cut the holes to be larger to make easier at first or smaller to increase challenge.
3. many individuals benefit from reaching at or above eye level. However, the task may be made lower if reaching is too challenging.
4. Try asking clients to perform while standing or kneeling, or to retrieve the stacking shapes from across the room. This will integrate some movement and postural control work.
5. Use pictures, photographs or simple shapes to make the pieces visually stimulating and possibly used to promote cognitive/language skills.

For many of my clients, naming the picture was their favorite part.... My favorite step was making the dog toy squeak....


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