Seeking to Buy a House Directly from the Seller

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Written by blogger, Barbara Smith

My husband, son and I have been living in Hamilton for the past 25 years and are looking to move to a more diverse and interesting community such as Lowell or the nearby outskirts in Dracut, Tyngsboro or Chelmsford. It’s an interesting story- how we sold our 5 room starter home in Essex and bought our Hamilton split level in a quiet, suburban neighborhood without using a realtor. I advertised an offer of $200.00 for information leading to the purchase of a house. That seemed to help a lot….

Sellers are misled to believe that they MUST use a realtor

Using a realtor is an option...25 years ago – my husband and I spent about $1,000 for an attorney to walk us through the paperwork. It was easy! We saved about $20,000 back in the 1990s. In today’s crazy, fluctuating market, sellers should have a choice and think hard on whether or not to hand over $30,000 to $40,000 dollars to an agent even if the particular professional presents as sweet, hard working and knowledgeable. Unfortunately, many realtors convince potential sellers that their home is a gold mine and only the realtor can get the best price. Sometimes that is true! But just imagine a transaction that does not automatically skim thousands of dollars off the top and can also get the best selling price! HERE IS HOW.

Include our names as an exclusion when signing the realtor’s contract.

When I was looking for a house in Hamilton 25 years ago, I had studied asking and selling prices for over a year and had developed a good sense of values. The seller was told that his house was worth $250,000. (remember this is 25 years ago!!). I had determined that the value was $235,000 and that is what we offered. The seller was a bit miffed….. However, he had agreed to put an exclusion clause in his realty contract so that he would have permission to sell to us any time without paying the realty fee. Six months later, he called and we bought at our offer price (paying $235,000). Both parties were very happy, except perhaps the realtor…..

The market is changing every day….

Interest rates are rising and we see selling prices going down as I type. Selling prices always go up in the spring and down in the fall, but the rising interest rates play a huge role and there are literally hundreds of houses for sale in the areas that interest us (although none have met our requirements, yet) and the numbers will continue to increase as the seasons and interest rates change. The best way for sellers to get the best price possible in this fluctuating market is to list my husband and myself as exclusions in any realty contract. Most contracts are for 6 months, but you can demand a 3 month contract. Sellers are the boss and can make such demands!!!! Also, contact us, if your contract has expired….

We are phenomenal buyers!

We own a fully paid for house in Hamilton that Zillow says is worth close to $800,00. We are planning to take out an equity loan in order to have cash available for purchasing our next house in the Lowell area. Hamilton is a highly desirable suburban town for young families planning a future. We don’t think that we will have any problem selling our house, but it still involves risk if we buy a house before selling the one we own. Therefore, we are being very careful about what we are willing to pay. Eliminating the middleman fees of $30 to $40 grand will help both buyer and seller.

Our Situation

My husband and I are retired, both 68 years old and have been fortunate to have had good paying careers and have house equity due to the crazy housing bubble over the past 2 Pandemic years. Our adult son lives with us and has found happiness in bee keeping, so we seek to buy a home that is either over an acre or a bit less and abuts conservation land or a school field that will never be built on. We need to avoid a situation where neighbors might fear our friendly bees and we will be happy to share our honey! My husband is an active volunteer at the Lowell Makes and I look forward to roller skating in Tyngsboro and joining the YMCA…. We are and will continue to be excellent neighbors ….

Other requirements

We seek a house with at least 3 bedrooms, preferably 4 because we need a house large enough so that my son’s bedroom does not share a wall with us. He is very sensitive to sound and we also need our privacy from him.

We seek a house with 2 full bathrooms but will consider 1 and 1/2 if it seems that we can expand to add a shower stall to the 1/2 or maybe built another small bathroom.

We seek a 2 car garage but will consider a 1 car or lots of shed storage if the price reflect lack of a garage and we can build one….

We really love a functional basement with storage and perhaps a guest room, but definitely will not want our son to sleep in the basement due to allergies.

We prefer to have a bedroom on the first floor, a ranch would be ideal, but we are willing to consider a house with stairs because we are in excellent physical health but want to look ahead 20 to 30 years and be ready to age in place. If we love the house and it has stairs, we will consider it, maybe we can add on to have a first floor bedroom.

Since we are older and do not have children any more, we will consider a house on a street with a mild amount of traffic, like 1A does in Hamilton. However, we do not want to hear highway traffic and the street must be wide enough to safely walk on , preferably with sidewalks. We would ideally be able to walk to services like a food store, cafe and library and perhaps downtown Lowell and we especially like the Pawtucketville neighborhood. We would also consider living near Chelmsford Center because then we would have some services and can cycle on the Bruce Freeman trail into Lowell. We are avoiding suburban neighborhoods north of 495 that require a car to go anywhere.

I would love a porch, preferably with screens so that I can hang my hammock and chill. However, if the selling price is right, we will consider building one later on.

The Price…..

We want the price to reflect what the house, land and neighborhood have to offer. We prefer to keep real estate taxes under $850/month . We hope to buy a house between $500,000 and $800,000 and perhaps a little more if the situation is really special….

$500.00 reward

We are offering a reward for information leading to the purchase of our next home. 25 years ago we gave the reward to a member of the Sellers church who donated it. Please share this information with people in your social network. Let’s be a proactive team that financially benefits both house seller and buyer and the lucky person or charity who earns the reward….

Many thanks for reading, sharing and caring…..

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