This valuable resource explains how and why many children with autism do not use their hands in a functional manner. Flapping the hands and lining up small items often replace natural fine motor experiences that are important for the development of hand skills. Smith not only offers practical strategies to encourage children with autism to use their hands for functional tasks, she provides information and techniques to promote improved sensory processing, the development of visual skills, and much more.

Here is what you will learn from reading this book.

• How do I reinforce positive behavior? • What is a strategy that I can use to get my child to make eye contact with others?

• How do I get my child to cross midline or use both hands together?

• What is a visual schedule?

• How do sensory processing challenges impact development?

• What are some effective strategies to promote writing skills?

• How can computer apps be used as teaching tools?

Written in parent friendly language and packed with relatable vignettes, readers will learn how to quickly, easily and inexpensively adapt activities and use effective teaching strategies. Other features in this book include an extensive glossary, resources, and activity photos. "From Flapping to Function" is also an excellent guide for therapists, educators and others who want to understand the impact of autism spectrum disorders on hand function and effectively help children to reach their learning potentials and independence to perform everyday activities .


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